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Are you happy?

By Lily Zhao "How are you today?""Are you happy?" This has been some sort of a cliché of my class. To let the students express their feelings freely, I don't teach them "I'm fine, thank you! and you?", Instead, I tell them to say "I'm happy", "I'm sad", and "I'm angry" in response to my greetings. Most of the time the students would reply to me, saying "I'm happy". While some students would say they are angry or they are sad. To my surprise, once upon a time, when I asked this question, a student replied "I don't know, I just feel bored." Though it's not a big deal, I'm deeply impressed. Because it's not easy for a little girl at that age (5-year-old) to figure out what or how she feels, let alone to express it. "Are you happy?", the answer to this question may vary from person to person and from time to time. But one thing is certain. That is, adults te