About Creative Writing Lab at Centralway Center


This is Creative Writing Laboratories Hubei at CCLS, a place that values creative expression and academic excellence.

Centralway Graduate Studies Center for Literary Studies and Creative Writing, or CGSC

Welcome to CGSC, an affiliated research organization from Centralway Center for Literary Studies, or CCLS, founded by postgraduate students from recognized and academically excellent universities around the globe, perticularly around the gearter China region. We are outward-looking individuals aiming at creating positive change that benefits everyone, and focusing on social and cultural investigations that result in better decision making in Humanities and Social Studies alike.

Our research intersts and fields include Translation Studies, Literary Studies with a specialization in Chinese and American Comparative Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Linguistics.

Looking forward to your excellent journey at CCLS Graduate Studies Center, Hong Kong.

For quries, please contact our chief research administrator Edward Lou via email at: edward.lou@gs.loulin.org.cn

Kind regards

Centralway Center for Literary Studies (CCLS)