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Roundtables: Hubei in 2021

by Lily Zhao There is a good deal of anxiety about the direction of the moral life in China. Some argue that there is reason to fear that China may be entering a moral crisis. In my eyes, It is truly so, while China is not the only country facing this dilemma.  I was born in Hubei, a central province of China in terms of geography. Born and raised here, I saw some obvious great changes. If asked the question "What's happening in Hubei or China at large?" My reply would be: by and large, people are changing their minds and thoughts gradually. Though the mainstream is still there, there is also room for the minority to happen and develop.  Poverty is one of the fatal illnesses of the failure of a society. Decades ago, the real poor haveno access to the life of the rich. They didn't know how poor a life that they are living and how rich could a person be. Take me as an example, 10 years ago, I didn't know what is "poverty", living in an economically poor fa