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Goodbye to All That, in Summer Nights

Finally, passers-by no longer kiss goodbye to anyone or anything except the raindrops that touch their shoulders by chance.  By Loulin In raining days, the dark clouds, it seemed, were pouring tears, instead of rains, kissing goodbye to the bright summer lights. It is true that summer days in Hubei are rapidly vanishing, leaving of trace of whereabouts. So profoundly unsettled were the poplar trees by the dying out of summer heats that their undying heart-shaped leaves tried hard to grow thickener than ever in order to memorize the passionate warmth they had absorbed from the sun during those heat summer days. Beneath the darkish grey sky were the beautiful and starlike heart-shaped poplar leaves so intensely greenish that it was as if they are the representation of summer’s unique strength. The stronger the sunlight the sweeter the leaves that eventually grow like a heart. Pedestrians in the wettish streets rarely greet each other perhaps in part because the darkened, discolored umb