Life of a Girl (part 1)

By Lily Zhao

There was a woman who kept nagging at people around her. She was actually 46 but looked older than her age. She always wore a loose blouse and a slack which didn't suit her much but would do good on farming. "I don't have the time and energy to enjoy life", that's what she said.

Neighbors didn't know her much, considering her stubborn. Since she was married here, it has been well past 25 years or so from now. Nearly all the neighbors had quarrels with her. She could easily get offended and quarrel with anyone who is near her for she is a kind girl with high esteem. With no doubt, she didn't get on well with her husband's family. And that hurt her much. She was not well treated, neither was she well respected here. Her mother-in-law disliked her, talking bad words about her, viewing her as ill bred. She was asked to do all kinds of things right after the birth of her first baby. At first, she could still hold it and her husband could be of some consolation. As time went by, the disagreement between her husband's family and she grew more and more severe. Finally, she broke down. Her husband thought her hysteric, while she just wanted to get away from all these. And from then on, she and her husband had begun a drifting life, renting land far away from home, working on the rented land and barely go back to their home.

(to be continued..)