Noisy as It Rains


Today I think there is really one thing that I particularly enjoy: finding the books whose topics I particularly enjoy. Writing for Change is one of such books that catch my attention, in part, because I have for a long time interested in writing itself as a way of facilitating positive change that benefits the poor.

Since arriving in Hong Kong, I discovered that the most intolerable thing is the nosiness of the city’s subway system. So disturbing is the chatty people talking with each other in their local dialect even at eleven o’clock in the night that I had no choice but to wear my noise-reduction Air Pods to keep the environment quite. Sometimes, it is true that a noise reduction earphone is a necessary.

It’s extremely hard to tell in certainty whether this metropolitan is itself noisy in nature or not. However, the only quite places devoid of extreme crowdedness and disturbances are local public universities’ libraries whose large volumes of English books about writing and its relationship with power and society attract me.